Annual charitable giving for the Prince Hall Masonic Family has just become easier. In addition to having the opportunity to support the Masonic programs as you have in the past, you now enjoy the freedom of making contributions through the Grand Lodge Website.

The Most Worshipful Union Grand Lodge Foundation continues to support education through scholarships and making charitable contributions to various major related charities, such as Breast Cancer, Heart Disease, and Sickle Cell. These programs ensure that students may further benefit from teachings at our institutes of higher learning and that continuous research can be done to find cures for the diseases that plague our society. Please support the foundation by donating today or any time you see fit on our website.

The Most Worshipful Union Grand Lodge Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 organization.


People can share in the charitable giving of the Foundation by making a financial commitment in any of the following ways.

  • By an immediate gift of money or promise of installments over a period of time.
  • By a promise of a bequest of money or property.

All gifts and donations made for the Foundation are tax deductible.


For further information about any aspects of The Most Worshipful Union Grand Lodge Foundation, please contact:

Dr. Gerald McKenzie

410 Broad Street
Jacksonville Florida, 32202


Types of Giving:

  1. Gifts of cash are the easiest gifts to make. Cash gifts may offer direct tax benefits. Gifts of cash to any the Foundation are deductible up to 50 % of your adjusted gross income with a five-year carryover for any “excess” deduction amounts.

  2. Donating a life insurance policy (either paid up or one on which the donor is still paying premiums) that the donor no longer requires for its original purpose is a generous and convenient way to make a gift to a Masonic charity. The donor’s income tax deduction is roughly equal to the cash surrender value of the policy. In addition, some donors prefer to donate annually an amount equal to the premiums for life insurance. The designated Masonic Charity then takes out a new policy on the donor’s life, naming the Masonic charity as the beneficiary. Income tax benefits can result from this gift which may provide for a larger gift than might otherwise be possible.

If a donor wishes to use life insurance to fund a life income plan – either now or in the future – one option is to invest the cash value of the life insurance policy in a charitable gift annuity.

  1. A gift of real estate, especially a gift of a principal residence or vacation residence, may be an attractive way of making a substantial donation to one of the Masonic charities. Many of the same benefits provided for gifts of appreciated securities, such as a deduction based on the fair market value of the property and avoidance of any capital gains are available for appreciated real estate. Donors may give the entire property or a fractional interest in real estate to a Masonic charity. Gifts of real estate are subject to specific policy guidelines.